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Cause of corrosion, many factors affecting corrosion,   the type, speed, cause, and seriousness of metal corrosion. Some of these factors can be controlled and some can not.  Climate.   The environmental conditions under which an aircraft is maintained and operated greatly affect corrosion characteristics. In a predominately marine environment ( with exposure to sea water and salt air ), moisture-laden air is considerably more detrimental to an aircraft than it would be if all operations were conducted in a dry climate.  Temperature considerations are important because the speed of electrochemical attack is in creased in a hot, moist climate.   Size and Type of Metal. It is well known fact that some metals will corrode faster that others.  It is a less known fact that variations in size and shape of metal can indirectly affect is corrosion resistance.  Thick structural sections are more susceptible to corrosive attack that thin sections because variations in physical characteristics are greater.  When large pieces are machined or chemically milled after heat treatment, the thinner areas will have different physical characteristics than the thicker areas.

From a corrosion control standpoint, the best approach is to recognize the critical nature of the integrity and strength of major structural parts and to maintain permanent  protection over such  areas at all times to prevent the onset of deterioration.      Foreign Material.     Among the controllable factors affect the conset and spread of corrosive attack is foreign material with adheres to the metal surfaces.  Such foreign material includes  :  Soil and atmosphere dust.  Oil grease, and engine exhaust residues.  Salt water and salt moisture condensation.  Spilled battery acids and caustic cleaning solution.  Welding and brazing flux  residues.    For  Common Corrosion Agent Read more.....



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